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Using this digital planner, you can organize and accomplish your daily tasks and achieve your goals throughout the year. It includes daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and so many extra templates that are really easy to navigate. Also included, is an 800-sticker pack to make it aesthetically pleasing and personalized just for you.
Files Included
  • 800+ Sticker Pack
  • Monday & Sunday Start Planners
  • Surprise Bonus Gift
  • User Guide (English PDF)

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This planner is designed to be used with any PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo, and more.

The files are interactive PDFs and can be synced in real time across multiple smart devices when using apps like GoodNotes. The note-taking apps are not included.

Digital items are not physical items and will not be shipped. Once your payment is confirmed, any digital items purchased will be made available for you to download the file(s).

All digital sales are final and no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations are permitted due to the digital nature of the product.

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Key Highlights

About This Amazing All In One Planner.

Fully Loaded Pages

Days, Weeks, Months & Year

Hyperlinked Access

Incredibly Easy Naviagtion

Beautifully Designed

A Minimalist Sleek Layout

Instand Download

Available Immediately

Multiple Planners

Never Miss A Day Out The Year.

Daily Planner

Made For Your Everyday

Weekly Planner

Built In Four Ways To Organize Your Week.

Monthly Planner

Created For 30 Days Of Organization & Productivity

Yearly Planner

For Goals & Commitment 365 Days

Covers & Stickers

Your Planner, Your Style.
Choose Your Cover Style

App & Planner

8 App Covers & 23 Planner Covers

800+ Stickers

Beautiful Illustrations & Quotes

Bonus Templates

To Help Enhance Your Life.
  • Debt Tracker
  • Donation Tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Gift Tracker
  • Monthly Budget
  • Monthly Reflection
  • No Spend Challenge
  • Saving Goal
  • Subscriptions
  • Tax Deduction
  • Yearly Finances
  • Birthdays
  • Bucket List
  • Chores Planner
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Grocery List
  • Month Meal Planner
  • Movies & Shows
  • Packing List
  • Party Planner
  • Reading Journal
  • Relationship Timeline
  • Travel Map
  • Trip Itinerary
  • Wishlist
  • Year in Music
  • Brain Dump
  • Core Memories
  • Daily Reflection
  • Encouragement Note
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Life Balance
  • Mental Health
  • Mood Tracker
  • Not-To-Do
  • Patterns
  • Personality Profile
  • Self-Care Routines
  • Challenge Tracker
  • Daily Routine
  • Goal Planner
  • Habit Tracker
  • Idea Sketch
  • Meeting Notes
  • Password Manager
  • Pomodoro Tracker
  • Priority Matrix
  • Project Planning
  • Project Timeline
  • Screen Time Challenge
  • Study Session
  • To-Do List
  • Vision Board
Health & Fitness
  • Blood Pressure Tracker
  • Blood Sugar Tracker
  • Fitness Goals
  • Hydration Tracker
  • Medications
  • Mindful Meals
  • Monthly Fitness
  • Progress Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Steps Tracker
  • Symptom Tracker
  • Vitamins & Supplements
Health & Fitness

Usability FAQ

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing a traditional planner or digital version. Some people prefer the tactile experience of pen and paper, while others find them more convenient and flexible with their use on a tablet. Additionally, there are different layouts for digital planners that allow users to still enjoy writing in an analog way if they choose. Notably, those who do not have access to technology or want something less strict might not be best suited for a digital planner.

It is not possible to synchronize with Google or Apple calendars. Digital planners provide the experience of a paper planner, with all the advantages of personalizing, making multiple copies, quick navigation, importing stickers and so on.

If you depend a lot on your calendar app, maybe you could utilize the planner less for time-based matters and more to manage tasks, subdividing objectives, journaling, and habit monitoring.

Compatibility FAQ

Yes, but do we recommend it? No, because it has over 800+ pages and without the ability of hyperlinks, it would be an experience that most people will not enjoy.

Any PDF file can be annotated with a note-taking app. Some of the most popular apps are Goodnotes and Notability, both of which we highly recommend. Between the two, Goodnotes would be our favorite as it can be synchronized between phones and computers.

Yes, this planner is compatible.

Using Samsung tablets, Xodo and the Samsung Pencil is a great option for loading and annotating PDFs. There is also the possibility of using Samsung Notes for the same purpose.

For Microsoft Surface tablets, the best way to annotate PDFs is with the Xodo app and the Surface pen.

Yes, it is possible to open this planner on a computer.

However, it can be tricky to edit it if you don't have the right tools. Some people are content with typing directly into the planner, and others find it easier to annotate on their tablets using the tablet pencil.

Additionally, you can sync your planner across all of your Apple devices, including your iPhone and MacBook which makes it incredibly convenient when you're on the go. Just remember to activate the syncing feature in the settings if you're using the app Goodnotes.

The notetaking app GoodNotes 5 allows you to effortlessly sync your planner across multiple devices, such as an iPhone, iPad and Macbook, providing you with diverse ways to access it. Nevertheless, while you can use your iPhone to look at and alter your planner, we don't recommend using your phone as the only option.

The reason why is because it is challenging to get the complete experience with the compact size of a smartphone's screen and keyboard, and you may come across obstacles with a tiny font size. Nevertheless, it can be helpful to set up syncing from your iPad so that you can refer to it when away from home.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Goodnotes has two modes: Edit and Navigate. When the blue bar is displayed at the top, you can use the pen tools to annotate, but none of the links function.

On the other hand, the white bar indicates that you are in Navigate mode, allowing you to access the hyperlinks.

To switch between modes, simply tap the pencil icon with a line through it in the top-right corner of the app. If the links aren't working, you are likely in Edit mode.

When you're editing in the app Goodnotes, there's always extra space on the sides of the page. To fill the screen more, tap the pencil with a line through it at the top right corner of the app. This will switch you out of Edit mode and into Navigate mode. Then, tap on the page to make the toolbar at the top disappear, and you'll be able to view the page in fullscreen.

Unfortunately, each iPad and tablet has a different screen ratio, which is why there may still be some space on the sides. Many designers all over the world can certainly relate to this issue!